Romania is one of the top source countries for human trafficking in Europe.

We’re on a mission to change that.


Our mission is to reduce vulnerability for girls that are at-risk to human trafficking and exploitation by transforming child protection spaces.

Our current programs


Flourish is our human trafficking prevention program in Romania. We work directly with at-risk children and aim to reduce their vulnerability to human trafficking through regular group and one-on-one activities.

The Cooperative

The Cooperative is our network of partner organizations in Romania and around Europe. It is a hub for collaboration, sharing resources, and empowering locals through ongoing education and training.


Restart is our reintegration program where we help survivors of trafficking transition back into society and their communities.

In order to solve a problem, you have to understand its roots.

Discover some of the root causes of vulnerability in Romania.


“I am valuable” is our anthem.
“I am loved” is our song.