Human trafficking and exploitation are a direct attack against the inherent value of a person. It robs them of their dignity and negatively impacts them for a lifetime. These realities often compound already existing wounds, creating a false narrative of unworthiness. We believe that the greatest vulnerability that exists is to have a misplaced identity. Ultimately, everything we do is informed by the belief system we hold about ourselves. When people embrace their inherent value and change the lens in which they view themselves and others, they are able to heal, walk in freedom, and fulfill their purpose.


Our focus is on girls and women because they are the most vulnerable in our world and often face abuse, exploitation, and systemic injustice. We also care for the people surrounding the girls such as social workers, psychologists, caregivers, and NGO workers. As we grow, we will also create spaces for the boys and men in their midst to experience healing and learn how to have healthy relationships.


We work in Eastern Romania where the need is great and resources are few.


By placing value on womanhood and creating an identity-focused, trauma-informed program, we aim to bring restoration to the whole person.

“I am valuable” is our anthem.
“I am loved” is our song.